26 minutes | Apr 1, 2021

18. What is the ROI on organic social media campaigns for fitness business owners?

On this episode of Social Strategy Slayer, Jess Jacobsen shares the deets on social media ROI: what does it look like and how to get the best ROI possible. She discusses the power of social media’s ability to make or break a client’s decision to purchase and what you could be doing wrong (or right!). Also, stay tuned to hear how to use grassroots marketing on your social platforms to build community and become much more than a fitness influencer alone.  

“Your potential customer, client, member is looking at your social media before they buy. They wanna see what you are up to, who you are, what it’s like to work with you. And if your social media is not dialed, you are leaving dollars on the table. ”

-Jess Jacobsen

04:15 → Social Media is now a key part of people’s purchasing decisions

11:53 → Consistency = Connection and Connection = Currency

16:25 → You are building your community on social media. It can still be grassroots! 

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