26 minutes | Jun 21, 2021

Ep. 143 - Stand at Attention: Why the British Army Needs to Be Active On Social Media | Alex Schillemore & Sarah Hiorns, British Army

The general perception of the Army is that being a government organisation, it’s traditional. That’s why this conversation with the British Army was so surprising and so valuable. In this episode, we’re chatting to Alex Schillemore, the British Army’s head of digital and content. We’re also joined by Sarah Hiorns, the social media content manager for Capita, which handles recruitment for the British Army. In this, we discuss the crucial role that social plays for the Army, the Navy and the RAF, how the Army uses live streams to attract new recruits, and why even members of the Foreign Office benefit from building a personal brand on Twitter. Plus we discuss the many ways social is helping the Army to change perceptions and how Alex and Sarah have been able to turn a centuries-old organisation onto the power of new digital media.
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