33 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

Ep. 133 - In Another League: How Esports Is Changing the Game for Social-First Brands | Luke Donovan-King, Guild Esports

Esports has erupted into the mainstream as a central form of entertainment in recent years. The role of social media channels has helped to push it from a subset of sports culture to an industry in its own right - expected to generate $1194.8 million in 2021. So how can brands capitalise on the rise of esports to reach a new audience? In this episode, we’re joined by Luke Donovan-King, director of digital marketing and product at Guild Esports. We discuss the characteristics and behaviour of esports fans that make them such desirable consumers, the opportunities that streamers present for a new wave of influencer marketing, and what brands can learn from Guild Esports’ unprecedented approach to creator collaborations.
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