43 minutes | Mar 15, 2021

Ep. 129 - Changing The Game: How Adidas Balances Exclusivity With Mass Appeal | Kyle Elliot - Adidas

Often the most engaging social-first experiences are those that feel exclusive to the audience. But when you’re a global brand with millions of fans around the world, how do you balance that exclusivity with mass appeal? In this episode, we’re joined by Kyle Elliot, senior global social media manager at Adidas. Having worked behind-the-scenes on global campaigns and activations like Tango Squad FC and Adidas’s Rent-A-Pred hotline, Kyle analyses the importance of exclusivity for global brands on social and why major sports brands can’t always conform to consumer expectations. In a nod to the next wave of audio platforms, we also touch on how platform disrupters like Clubhouse and Discord are changing the game.

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