109 minutes | May 15th 2017

Ep 109: “I will let the people who need to punch Nazis punch Nazis, and then I will give them a bag of treats when they’re finished.” Jack Kelly

This week, after processing the week’s crazy events (which crazy events this time?) Shannon talks to Jack Kelly (17:29), who she originally “met” by hearing them talk on NPR about something called Hamiltunes. Jack explains what Hamiltunes is and how it was conceived and why it resonates with people and what it was like to (squeeee!) meet Lin-Manuel Miranda in real life (22:46). Jack talks about how it’s been difficult to learn to use his singing voice again while transitioning (32:42). They discuss some philosophical questions about the Harry Potter universe and of course, Shannon has to ask what house Jack identifies with (45:20). Jack discusses whether he is more comfortable punching Nazis or offering empathy and support (1:00:10). Together, they hate on comedians who think they are being “brave” by making racist, sexist, homophobic etc. jokes and discuss the difference between punching up and punching down in comedy (1:05:54). Shannon asks Jack what questions cis people should NOT ask trans people if they want to be good allies (1:19:04) (hint: don’t ask about anyone’s genitals in polite conversation). Jack talks about what it was like to grow up as a person assigned female at birth, having their appearance scrutinized and critiqued the way so many women’s are, and then transitioing and STILL having their appearance always part of conversation (1:22:46). Learn about Hamiltunes Los Angeles: www.hamiltunesla.com (check) Listen to the NPR story with Jack in it about Hamiltunes: KPCC’s The Frame Find out more about the AWESOME classes you can take with Jude Shelton: https://judithshelton.com/ Please subscribe and rate us, follow @sjwpPod on twitter and instagram, and like our page: www.facebook.com/sjwpPod. Also, the Deputy Attourney General of the United States of America is named Rod Rosenstein, not Rob Rosenthal. Sorry about that.
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