74 minutes | Mar 27th 2017

Ep 102: "Assigned Hufflepuff at Birth" Riley Silverman 1 of 2

Shannon Corder swims in the joy of the defeat of Trump's unintelligible Health Care bill until her fingers get all prune-y. Comedian Riley Silverman stops by to talk about Hogwarts Houses and trans legal issues, and neither Shannon nor Riley can remember Gavin Grimm's last name temporarily but they both say #Istandwithgavin. The show wraps up with a review from resident husband Jason Thomas Scott trying patiently to explain the awesomeness of the Nintendo Switch game Zelda: Breath of the Wild while Shannon pesters him to share his wine.    Visit www.rileysilverman.com and follow at @ryesilverman.    For more information about Trans Lifeline, visit www.translifeline.org or call 877-565-8860.    Please subscribe, follow @sjwpPod on twitter, and like our page: www.facebook.com/sjwpPod. 
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