27 minutes | Jul 21, 2019

0036 - It's Gonna Sound Like This Pod Is Ending But....

The Amateurs are going on strike, or hiatus, or something. The amateur season is winding down with all the Carolina teams eliminated from the playoffs. We would like to thank everyone who's listened, supported, or shook our hands at games. We might be back one day, but if you want more coverage of amateur soccer in your area, be the one to make it. Chris wrote a thing a few years back to explain how he got started on a budget. The equipment might be a bit dated, but here it is for y'all to check out: https://medium.com/@ChrisDavisCLT/podcasting-on-a-budget-7254d8a5652a  We are proud members of BGN - The Beautiful Game Network! You can learn more about them at BGN.fm and follow them on Twitter @theBGNfm Be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, even in places you don't  Follow us on Twitter @AmateurHourSCCR  Music: “Red, White, Black, & Blue” by PEG & The Rejected, used under Creative Commons license.
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