31 minutes | Jun 9, 2019

0029 - Mid-Season Review!

This week the Amateurs do their best at trying to sort out what's going on in the three divisions they follow, as most teams have played half of their games this year. Some are a bit straight forward: NPSL's Southeast division & USL League 2's Deep South. Others are way more complicated & basically anyone could still win it or finish in last place: USL League 2's South Atlantic is crazy y'all. This should be the last hostful pod until they wrap up the season later this summer. We are proud members of BGN - The Beautiful Game Network! You can learn more about them at BGN.fm and follow them on Twitter @theBGNfm Be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, even in places you don't, and expect new episodes every Monday morning! If you'd like to support the podcast, you can become a Patreon member at https://www.patreon.com/AmateurHourSoccer Follow us on Twitter @AmateurHourSCCR  Music: “Red, White, Black, & Blue” by PEG & The Rejected, used under Creative Commons license.
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