27 minutes | Sep 24th 2020

Episode 16 - Australian mapping prodigy Aiden Holding

You don't need to be an rich old dude to have fun and map on Soar.  Join the Soar Cast was we interview Australian mapping prodigy, Aiden Holding of Perth, Western Australia. Aiden has an interesting story, he wanted to get into mapping with a his DJI Spark but was brushed off by the big mapping companies.  When got the invitation to use Soar's drone mapping app, The Drone Mosaicing Toolset (in beta status) he said, "heck yes!".  At 14yrs young, there's virtually nothing Aiden's not willing to map using Soar's Drone Mosaicing Toolset.To view Aidens profile on Soar click below:https://soar.earth/profile/0x5fd3953e5d2363ceb3a2e335bcd501df13cc6a22www.soar.earth 
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