20 minutes | Aug 12th 2019

E97 Chapter 5 Part 1

The Book So You Want to Start a Business; the 7 step Guide to Create, Start and Grow your own Business is read by Ingrid Thompson

Chapter 5 helps you understand some of the legal and compliance aspects of getting started in you own business.

In this Part 1 we cover 3 of the business structures available in Australia:

Sole Trader

Incorporated Company and


We ask "What type of business structure will work best for you?"

Of course this is information provided and not seen as advice. Before making any solid decisions we always recommend you check with lawyers and / or accountants regarding your personal situation and circumstances.

If you are in Australia and want to buy a copy of the book head to my website www.healthynumbers.com.au or wherever you buy your books

For everywhere else in the world head to wherever you buy your books.

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