35 minutes | Dec 14, 2020

E148 Julie Goodall: Taking the Solo out of Solopreneur

Accelerate your Business Financial Confidence is starting soon - 6 week Accelerator program that will change your life completely and forever  https://www.healthynumbers.com.au/money/ When you understand how money works in your business your life changes completely and forever !! Julie Goodall takes the solo out of being a solopreneur and in this honest and practical discussion Julie shares the wisdom of building and growing her business over the past 6 years. Highlights in this interview: What she wished she'd done differently? Realised which clients were the "best fit" for her business. How did she get started? It was when a previous client described her as "like having an extra right arm" and she realised that all the things she loves to do – others don’t! and therein lay her business opportunity! She talks about the “life changing” value of hiring a coach. Julie learned how to set boundaries “and as an empath, I always wanted to say “Yes” to everyone.” Julie knew exactly how much her business needed to pay her to support their family of 4 – she loves being across the numbers. Music to my ears. Julie's website: https://www.genesisconsultingcorp.com/ social media links Facebook: facebook.com/genesisconsultingcorp/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jgoodall/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mightyjulestorm/   My guess is that you are here because you want to build and grow a viable and robust business I’m here to help you. Everything I do in my business, every decision I make is based on this question:  will this contribute to helping you, my listener take the steps to create a successful, viable and profitable business so that you can achieve Financial Independence? This is why I do what I do There are 2 ways you can access all my best material: Come join us in this FB Group: Healthy Numbers Profit Lab the community for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to build and grow a profitable business.  https://bit.ly/HNProfitLabGroup AND Read my book! It is a Business 101 and can answer pretty much all your business questions. It is your step by step guide to launching and growing your business smarter and faster. “So You Want to Start a Business” You can order your FREE copy right here – you only pay for postage and handling: http://bit.ly/ThatBook It’s so exciting to be sharing it with you. If you prefer the kindle Head over to Amazon Happy reading!
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