12 minutes | Dec 7th 2020

E147 The One thing that will bring you more confidence than you could possibly imagine in your business.

A few weeks ago a came across this book: The XX Brain by Dr Lisa Mosconi Click here for more information Over the past decade we have come to know so much more about the brain – through neuroscience and brain studies and extensive research. Dr Lisa is especially interested in women’s health – and preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s One of the things Dr Lisa talks about in her book is the importance of sleep - for the brain I love to sleep - and to sleep well! It occurred to me that this is a key ingredient to be more successful in business - being more confident I believe our confidence is directly affected by how much sleep we get. I know my confidence certainly is related to how much sleep I have. In this episode I discuss the impact effective sleep has on your confidence and therefore, on your business success. It's a short 12 minute episode packed with information to grow your confidence FAST! My guess is that you are here because you are a business owner and you want to increase your financial intelligence & business acumen. You want to have confident conversations when it comes to talking about money You want to make business decisions based on data and facts … so that ultimately you can build financial autonomy through business success. I’m here to help you. Everything I do in my business, every decision I make is based on this question:  Will this contribute to help you, my listener take the steps to create a successful, viable and robust business so you can achieve Financial Independence? This is why I do what I do There are 2 ways you can access all my best material: Come join us in this FB Group: Healthy Numbers Profit Lab the community for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to build and grow a profitable business.  https://bit.ly/HNProfitLabGroup AND Read my book! It is a Business 101 and can answer pretty much all your business questions. It is your step by step guide to build your viable and robust business - smarter and faster. “So You Want to Start a Business” You can order your FREE copy right here – you only pay for postage and handling: http://bit.ly/ThatBook It’s so exciting to be sharing it with you. If you prefer the kindle Head over to Amazon Happy reading!
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