42 minutes | Oct 21st 2019

E103 Manny Barbas and James Hachem, Founders of Alya Skin

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Manny Barbas and James Hachem launched their brand Alya Skin - An Australian Skincare company now with over 350,000 followers online within 15 months. They’ve achieved revenue of over $10 Million as at time of this interview and now have the highest rated, best selling Pink Clay Mask around the world!

This is a story of creating a product that meets a need and truly understanding the value they provide to their customers.

It is also a story about making the most of the available social media and influencers and all that is part of doing business today.

The best performing clay mask product in the world

In the first 4 months revenue = 1million and as they said “quite exciting for us”

The First week = $50 000

14 months revenue = $7 million

18 months revenue = $10 million


IG: @mannybarbas

IG: @jameshachem

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