44 minutes | Feb 24, 2021

Pitfalls – Mistakes People Make

So You Want to be a Podcaster episode 19 Not being prepared Solution: allow time to prepare Not being in agreement with the co-host Solution: make an agreement upfront Unrealistic expectations Time Solution: make a schedule Amount of work Solution: Record and edit 4-8 episodes before you publish your first Audience size Solution: would you enjoy speaking to the number of people that you get downloads Solution: Be OK with the idea that it may take you years and hundreds of episodes to grow your podcast Financial investment/cost Solution: research upfront the cost Not knowing your audience Solution: need to learn who your audience is; you would ask your audience for feedback Not knowing your purpose Solution: Do you want your listeners to learn something? Be entertained? Work to answer the question, “What is your show about?” in 10 words or less. Commitment Solution: this is a decision one must make Loss of passion Solution: Know your purpose Background noise Solution: change the environment Solution: put the dog out Unexpected technical issues Solution: learn the technology Not getting the appropriate help Solution: make sure that the person helping you knows what they are talking about
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