70 minutes | Jun 1, 2021

#171: Trickerion

Get our your cucumber sandwiches and your doilies, you precious little petunias, because we're about to get all cultured on you. Some serious sophistication is going down, and we are not entirely certain our hosts are prepared--mentally, spiritually, let alone hygienically. Games Played Last Week:01:14 -Endless Winter: Paleoamericans (Stan Kordonskiy, Fantasia Games, 2021)03:54 -Altar Quest (Adam Sadler & Brady Sadler, Blacklist Games, 2020)04:12 -Street Masters: Aftershock (Adam Sadler & Brady Sadler, Blacklist Games, 2019)06:49 -Fantasy Realms (Bruce Glassco, WizKids, 2017)14:59 -Fuji Flush (Friedemann Friese, 2F-Spiele, 2016)15:47 -Go Nuts for Donuts (Zachary Eagle, Gamewright, 2017)17:07 -Fairy Tale (Satoshi Nakamura, Z-Man Games, 2004)20:42 -Cryo (Tom Jolly & Luke Laurie, Z-Man Games, 2021)24:36 -Imperium: The Contention (Gary Dworetsky, Contention Games, 2021)27:06 -Umbra Via (Connor Wake, Pandasaurus Games, 2021)30:44 -Fast & Furious: Highway Heist (Prospero Hall, Funko Games, 2021)32:36 -The Initiative (Corey Konieczka, Unexpected Games, 2021)34:23 -Stationfall (Matt Eklund, Ion Game Design, 2021)News (and why it doesn't matter): 39:57 Kudos: Mythic and Stonemaier make good41:05 War Room 2nd Edition on Kickstarter41:50 Paris not at all a reprint on Kickstarter42:25 Chip Theory teases Elder Scrolls43:12 Arydia: The Paths We Dare Tread from Far Off Games43:48 Feature Game: Trickerion: Legends of Illusion (Richard Amann & Viktor Peter, Mindclash Games, 2015)1:07:40 SVWAG Presents: Masterpiece Theatre: The Fast & the Furious
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