27 minutes | Oct 14th 2020

1108: How to Talk to Your Kids About Money with Authors Doug Nordman and Carol Pittner

Whether you’re struggling for the words (and patience) to discuss topics like allowances and college costs with your teenager or want to encourage your 4th grader to save at a young age, my guests have advice on how to teach financial principles to your kids throughout the years. Doug Nordman and Carol Pittner are the father-daughter authors of the book Raising Your Money-Savvy Family for Next Generation Financial Independence. The book is part personal stories, part practical advice, guiding readers on how to instill financial values in their kids starting as early as Kindergarten, or as the authors say, “after they stop eating money.” We discuss their own personal memories of discussing money when Carol was growing up, as well as how families that may be struggling with money can open up to their kids about it in a meaningful (and not scary) way.