54 minutes | Feb 10, 2021

Episode 69: So Goes Hy Maar - Kooks and So 🏉😂💚!

A few weeks ago, I woke up to the sound of my girlfriend's laughter. She showed me a video that Siya Kolisi posted on Instagram, created by a guy called Kuhle Sonkosi aka Kooks. Anneke and I binged his entire Instagram feed and afterwards, she said, "how can we be friends with Kooks?". So we reached out to him.  This kind-hearted champion is a full-time passionate rugby coach as well as a school teacher, while he makes videos for fun. FUN is getting his good name out there rapidly and his Instagram following has multiplied 7-fold since December... Kooks and I chat life, sport, TikTok, his videos and the future... Even though we live in different provinces, Kooks, you already feel like a friend, bro. My girlfriend's wish might just be coming true ;-) Dearly beloved, check out Kooks's videos and this podcast will be even better ;-) Much love to you all! 💚🌅🌈
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