68 minutes | Sep 11, 2020

Episode 65 - So Goes Hy Maar - the KIFFNESS and So

The Kiffness aka David Scott is a musician and a speaker of truth.   His courageous, on-the-pulse musical parodies are skyrocketing in 2020.    With some videos reaching 8 million views to date, his social commentary might be seen as audaciously controversial or wildly entertaining.    Amusing? Offensive? Necessary?  Have a listen to this. Decide for yourself.    We are beyond thrilled to have David on our podcast 'SO LOOP HY MAAR' this week, while he's right in the middle of Clicks and The EFF.    Have a listen to perhaps one of the most authentic speakers of our generation.    David, we just met you and our appreciation of your music and humour has been reinforced with great respect and, if you'd allow our sentiment, love.    David's heart really seems to match his eloquence.    We talk about it all.   Ladies and gentlemen.    Seeker of the golden mean...    David Scott.   Aka The KIFFNESS
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