108 minutes | Sep 8, 2020

Space Jam (1997) COMMENTARY - S4, Ep.13

*This episode is a commentary track meant to be played while watching the movie Space Jam (1997)* Sufferin' Succotash! Danny DeVito needs some new attractions for his Alien Amusement Park! He has his sights set on the Looney Tunes Squad, and has challenged them to a game of basketball. Luckily, the Tunes have some AIR up their sleeve, plus a few random celebrities! Can Michael Jordan (not Micheal B. Jordan), Newman from 'Seinfeld', and a Ghostbuster help save the day? Watch along with Ben & Megan as they take a trip to the center of the earth to relive the 1997 (classic?) Space Jam! Be Like Mike and SMASH that 'Subscribe' button wherever you get your podcasts, and to follow us on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/soimarriedacinephile/message
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