85 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

Point Break (1991) w/Mia Allen and Chris Eadicicco from Alight Films - S5, Ep. 8

Surfs up, brah! This week, Ben & Megan (and producer Molly) welcome special guests Mia Allen & Chris Eadicicco from Alight Films to discuss the classic action heist bonanza that is 1991's 'Point Break' starring Keanu Reeves and the late, great, always moist Patrick Swayze. Thankfully, Chris is an expert when it comes to all things PB, and will help the SIMAC pod understand just what exactly this movie is all about. Why are there bank robbing surfers? (cuz) Is Johnny Utah in love with Bodhi? (yes) Is Bodhi a cult leader? (yes) Why is this not called 'The Cowabunga Crooks?' They'll ride this enlightened wave all the way to it's ultimately confusing and unsatisfying conclusion. Radical! Support the artists that make this podcast possible by becoming a supporter at patreon.com/simacpodcast.  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/soimarriedacinephile/message
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