71 minutes | Sep 21, 2020

High Strung Free Dance - S4., E15

Have you been waiting for a film that truly showcases the lives of struggling artists in New York City? Well FUGGETABOUDIT, cuz Ben & Megan are riding the Express A train all the way down to WTF-ville in Netflix's 2019 "movie" High Strung Free Dance (It's a SEQUEL!). Witness the LITERALLY impossible journey's of 3 NYC artists, like Charlie Bucket, who delivers bagels while playing the piano with sexual rage. Zander Cage, who's sweatily directing / choreographing Broadway's newest and hottest show. And Barleycorn, the waify contemporary ballerina who's just kinda there. Jane Seymour might even show up! What a helluva town! Get ready for ALL of the dry ice and wire work! Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! SMASH that subscribe button, and give us a review and a like while you're at it!  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/soimarriedacinephile/message
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