28 minutes | Jun 24, 2021

S4 Episode 13: Are you Ready to Buy Your First Home? with Laurie Fahey | Report on the Characteristics of Homebuyers from Saeed

Our episode this week brings lots of valuable information to prospective homebuyers! Saeed first shares a SoCal market update, with a focus on the cities of Azusa, Glendora, and Covina. We are then joined by co-host and an active agent in that area, Laurie Fahey. She and Saeed discuss the challenges facing first-time homebuyers in this historically difficult real estate market. Laurie offers her perspective on strategies for these new homebuyers to have the best shot of purchasing their first property.Segment two features the National Association of Realtors' 2020 Generational Report on Homebuyers and Sellers, focused on the characteristics that break down this demographic. Saeed gives his thoughts on this report and offers insight into the trends revealed.
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