40 minutes | Jan 28, 2019

008 | The Banks.com Story, Part 2

In this episode, Chris continues telling the story of how he got involved in Banks.com. He takes a deep dive into the Fintech marketplace and explains its significance in the traditional financial services industry. Fintech is defined as new technology that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. Companies within this disruptor category include Credit Karma, Revolut and NerdWallet, among others. Chris breaks down the multiple sub-categories that make up the financial services category, including lending, crypto and block chain, personal finance, wealth management, capital markets, and insurance, to name a few. It is Chris’ opinion that traditional banks are not innovating fast enough to keep up with consumer needs. Thus, companies such as Amazon are entering the space to take advantage of this oversight. In closing, Chris talks about the importance he places on doing the right thing and his hope that Banks.com can do right by their customers now and in the future.

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