2 minutes | Feb 19, 2021

The Why Behind All Other Whys Part 1

Why do you do what you do? Hopefully, it is because you have come to understand your purpose in life. Your personal life mission. But, where did that come from? Let's look at an example… A young man at a gas station sees someone coming out the door he just opened to go in. He holds it open and waits. Why? Because he believes it was a nice thing to do. Why? Because he believes people are inherently valuable and worthy of respect. Why? Because he believes… We could keep drilling down, deeper and deeper. At some point, we would get to the why behind all other whys. And sometimes, what we find is… pointless. If you go to work because the why is "whoever dies with the most toys wins" then you probably just need to stop and start over. If the who behind all other whys is vapid, you need a better why! Hopefully, drilling down deep enough lands at something that has meaning. Hopefully, it results in finding something fundamental that has enduring value and worth. Where would that put us? That's the starting place. Understanding the why behind all other whys opens the door to having a unified, meaningful, and fulfilling purpose. And knowing what that purpose is leads to the possibility of living by a joyful approach to life.
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