1 minutes | Sep 22, 2021

The Agile Life: Scrum Meetings With Yourself

If we view life as a collection of projects, and if we decide to organize them within the agile project management system, then we end up with a list of sprints all connected to the various projects. To keep everything moving, you can begin each day with a "scrum" meeting… with yourself. You can look into the mirror and think about all you need to do each morning as you start your day. What is necessary for getting ready for work? You'll need to think about what's coming up at work, then as you get ready, tic off whatever needs to be done to get you ready. What family sprints do you need accomplish? Where do they fit into your schedule? As you go through the day knocking off sprints, you might think of other things that need to be done. Emergencies might come up. But starting the day with a plan is your best bet. Organize your sprints according to the priority of your projects, putting the most important tasks before those that are less important. If you are trying to manage your life using an agile approach, you need to start off "scrumming" with yourself to put each sprint in its proper place.
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