20 minutes | Nov 16, 2020

E64 Anthony White: Bi-Directional Culture

Finding your groove on Monday can be difficult. Fortunately we have a multi-talented and very interesting guest on today’s episode to get your mind flowing. When Anthony hears tech leaders say there is not enough diverse talent in the market, his mind begins to scope this as a supply chain problem. If there is truly a shortage of diverse talent, then companies should be willing to pay higher salaries to attract the limited supply. Another  possible solution is that the talent exists, but the implemented recruiting strategies are not making an effort to attract and find a diverse pool of candidates. He loves the idea of dropping the CS degree requirement for tech roles. If a position requires CS fundamentals, then it's fine to keep this requirement, however its time that companies reevaluate the role of traditional education compared to what skills they are looking for in a candidate. Anthony believes that the apprenticeship model provides the right methodology to reduce inequality among the population if applied correctly. In order to retain diverse talent, he thinks that companies need to establish a bi-directional culture where the culture should act on the people as much as the people act on the culture. Being professional at work shouldn't mean that employees need to change who they are to be accepted. Anthony White is a writer, a business and operations strategist with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, and an artist. Utilizing his operations experience within investment banking and technology industries along with his aptitudes as a writer, artist, and community organizer, he creates inclusive corporate cultures, provides solutions to manifold managerial challenges and brings bold visions into reality. Anthony White: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-white-34694312The Black Sublime: https://www.theblacksublime.comMedium Account: https://medium.com/@anthony.d.white1More episodes of the SnackWalls Podcast: http://podcast.snackwalls.comSnackWalls is powered by San Diego Code School: https://sdcs.ioPlease share like and subscribe for more reach 🙌🏾
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