46 minutes | May 31, 2015

Van Halen, Spandau Ballet, Guns n Roses, Steven Tyler

Another bumper show. Send $20 and they will get shorter. Fanboy Nik kneecaps Van Halen's performance at the Billboard Awards and Mark throws his panties at Spandau Ballet in Auckland. Other winners and losers: New music by Faith No More, Australian Crawled into a Guns N Roses song it seems, David Duchovny kisses Gillian Anderson, Steven Tyler finally defects to country music, and the reason we fall out of love with some artists and into the arms of others. Hint; the Breakfast Club just hit 30. Spotify Playlist for this show: https://open.spotify.com/user/retrohitradio/playlist/2HIXmitL2wcB7dCTDCOYtn Oh, and if you have a cabbage you can photoshop on Kanyes face, drop us a line: http://www.retrohitradio.co.nz/shows/smithandbrown
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