20 minutes | Aug 2, 2015

The Church, Strawpeople, Fleetwood Mac, Toni Braxton, 50 Cent

Nik has an Unguarded Moment and bags The Church (for being amazing?) but it's good times for Mark as conversation turns to Strawpeople and the song "Black Sand Shore" by Grace, before treading some winners and losers of NZ rap in the 90's. The guys offer a reality show idea for George Michael's drug-fueled future, and a corporate partnership opportunity for 50 Cent - subject to future valuation. Excitement brews for the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour that includes Christine McVie (yay!) and what is the best Mick Fleetwood vocal performance ever. Can you guess? Then, when they pit Toni Braxton V Jennifer Lopez, we forget their hits and end up talking bubble wrap. Listen to the music mentioned, on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/retrohitradio/playlist/2ATWIaJeCZh7HfRd9wquuK
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