24 minutes | Apr 9th 2020

Smile And Wave S1E02 - Grief

Smile & Wave is a podcast focusing on the mental health of young adults while navigating the ever-changing world. Each episode has a goal of breaking the stigma to talk about mental -wellbeing and for everyone to realize they are not alone, and the things you are going through are normal. The podcast uses personal narrative to bring up serious issues young adults face each day and expert interviews to analyze them in hopes of providing resources. On this episode week's episode we discuss grief and USC graduate student Rebecca Katz shares her story of Grief. Then we speak with clinical psychologist, Dr. Kelly Greco, to better understand grief and how it can affect us; as well healthy versus unhealthy coping mechanisms. Episode 02: Grief Expert: Dr. Kelly Greco, PsyD Special thanks to the Kaleigh Finnie Memorial Endowment for funding this podcast. Please tune in to more episodes as we begin to truly smile & wave and break the stigma around mental health and wellbeing in young adults.
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