27 minutes | Feb 14th 2020

Raj Suchak - Founder - GritSeed - Recruitment and Startup Businesses - Episode 09

Raj Suchak, the founder of GritSeed, a recruitment software company that is changing the way you find and vet candidates, chats with John Osberg on this episode of the Smarter Business Podcast.

Raj talks about the role that video plays in recruitment, startup businesses, and best practices.


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Our goal with this podcast to delivery high-quality, actionable tips and advice from business leaders. Advice that will help you succeed. Oh yeah and that video bent - we are going beyond the typical business tips, we are going to explore the use of video with these business leaders too, from marketing to sales, to internal communications - how they use it and how it impacts their businesses. Thanks for tuning in.

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Neil K Carroll - We are back again with another episode of the Smarter Business Podcast with John Osberg as the interviewer. John chats with Raj Suchak, founder of GritSeed, a company that is changing the way that people go about recruitment. John and Raj talk about recruiting, start-up businesses, and best practices. If you like what you hear, please subscribe where ever you're taking in this podcast, and please share and leave a comment. We are always looking for feedback, and your interaction can help people find this show.

John Osberg - This is another episode of the Smarter Business podcast. I'm John Osberg, a local entrepreneurial business professional. I have the pleasure of having joined me, Raj Suchak. Raj, welcome.

Raj Suchak - Thank you, thank you, John. It's great to be here, thank you for having me.

John Osberg - Raj is with a company here locally in Buffalo called GritSeed, and actually, I'm just gonna let Raj talk a little bit more about what you're doing at GritSeed and maybe more about your background.

Raj Suchak - Great, thank you again. It's really great to be here. So I'm the founder of GritSeed. GritSeed is a software company based right here in Buffalo.

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