22 minutes | Oct 26th 2018

Temporomandibular Disorders – Tzvika Greenbaum

We are joined in this episode by Tzvika Greenbaum, a physiotherapist who specializes in temporomandibular (TMD) disorders. He graduated from Haifa University in Israel in 2004 before heading to South Australia to obtain a master’s degree in sports and musculoskeletal rehabilitation from the University of South Australia. During and following his studies in Adelaide (Australia) he has specialized in Manual Therapy for patients with neck pain and headache. He has been teaching since 2011 Physiotherapists and other health professionals at the post-graduate level about rehabilitation of people with neck pain, headache and temporomandibular disorders. He’s also in an advanced stage of his PhD project that is being done in cooperation between the Physiotherapy department and the Dental School of Tel Aviv University. In their study they assess the involvement of the upper neck in patients with different temporomandibular disorders.
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