19 minutes | Mar 24th 2019

Manual therapy, challenges for physiotherapists - Toby Hall

What’s all the fuzz about manual therapy? Do we need imaging? What are the big challenges for the future for physiotherapists all over the world?In this podcast Toby Hall discusses some very interesting topics regarding his 2-day course about low back pain and the 1-day course about headache. Toby describes us why manual therapy is standing on a crossroad: Although literature tells us that manual therapy is not as effective as we thought is was in the ‘80s, it still has an important place today. These are the key messages of our talk with Dr. Toby Hall:- Low back pain is the most disabling condition in the world.- Low back pain is ‘part of our lives’. If you don’t worry about it and stay active it will usually get better by itself. Inform your patients about this!- The key is to classify patients and treat them accordingly to what your findings are.- Tension type headache and cervicogenic headache account for almost 45% of headache patients. These are headaches that physio’s CAN treat.
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