46 minutes | Oct 5th 2020

Episode 27: A Special Episode to Celebrate Our First Podcastiversary

The Smart Habits for Translators podcast is 1 year old!To celebrate our podcastiversary, we recorded another Ask Us Anything episode, answering questions that we received from our listeners and colleagues via social media.Here’s a summary of our conversation:• Our thoughts on the unwritten rule that translators should only translate into their native language and not into their second language• What it's like being freelancers and moms during this very atypical time• How we battle Zoom fatigue• Whether we were nervous before our first episode and if the nerves have gone away, especially when we interview guests• What translation specializations are in demand right now• Whether we have any little quirks or weird habits we practice for good luck before starting on a specific work task• How many hours a day we usually work (pre-pandemic) and how we organize our time between translation and administrative tasks• The details of our giveaway to celebrate 1 year of Smart Habits for Translators: how you can enter and what we're giving awayResources we mentioned in this episode:• Our previous Ask Us Anything episode• Episode 22: Smart Habits for Managing Social Anxiety and Perfectionism with Sadie Hall• Sadie Hall’s podcast: Anxious Creators Unite!• Jost Zetzsche’s website and his Twitter account, where he asked translators what market segments they've seen growing during the COVID-19 pandemic• Nimdzi’s report on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the interpreting market and what areas of business are booming• Nimdzi’s assessment of the segments of the language services industry that have experienced a negative, positive, or neutral impact of the pandemicFor a full list of resources, visit the show notes page for this episode: https://smarthabitsfortranslators.com/podcast-episodes/27
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