19 minutes | Mar 16, 2016

SC 41 - Boundaries Part 2 -Relationship Tool

Here I cover 2 types of boundaries. Both are important to learn and practice on a regular basis in your relationship. I also build upon last week’s episode (with Lisa Dion jaysongaddis.com/podcast40). Boundaries separate the classic co-dependent couple from the the smart couple and believe it or not, generate a more fulfilling type of closeness.


  • The childhood dynamic that affects our relationships today. [3:27]
  • One powerful reality-check question to ask yourself. [5:34]
  • An example of when betraying yourself hurts both you and the relationship. [7:45]
  • The two types of boundaries [11:05]
  • How boundaries help weed out people in your life that aren’t a fit for the real you. [12:30]
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