71 minutes | Sep 13, 2017

SC 158 - Interpersonal Neurobiology - Dan Siegel

If you want to understand the long term cost of not repairing a rupture, Dan Siegel, who coined the term interpersonal neurobiology, is about to illuminate your mind. 

We discuss how we human beings operate when our "minds" and hearts come together, trauma, and how to fight off disease with presence. 

This episode is powerful.

It's for the science nerds and relationship geeks who want to better understand the human nervous system, mindfulness, and even trauma. SHOWNOTES

  • The 3 facets of the mind [15:00]
  • Where does the mind live? [18:00]
  • What do relationships and the body share in common? [20:00]
  • How you can strengthen your mind through "monitoring and modifying" [27:00]
  • Hyperarousal vs hypo-arousal [31:00]
  • The 4 F’s of a reactive state [32:00]
  • Coming back from reactivity [37:00]
  • What are the long-term costs of not repairing ruptures to relationship? [42:00]
  • How presence helps fight off disease [48:00]
  • The importance of developing an "internal compass" [60:00]
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