30 minutes | Sep 9, 2020

EP 4-Cardio Myths Dispelled! Learn How to Maximize your Cardio Sessions!

Have you ever gone on a bike/run/done a hiIT session and wondered what you're actually training? If your heart rate matters? Are you working hard enough or not hard enough? How long should you go for? How often should you do this? If yes, this episode is for you! On Episode 4 of the Smart Belles Fitness Podcast, we talk about what cardiovascular exercise is, the basics of 3 energy systems you can train when performing cardio, the relationship between duration and intensity, and how you should be training to maximize longevity and hit all 3 of these systems. We discuss the Karvonen formula, how to find your target heart rate, and how to apply that during your training sessions. Be sure to come connect with me on instagram @thekelseylee and find me on my website if you want more specific answers on the right cardio for you. kelseyleemiller.com The Karvonen Formula with an example can be found below:  (Age predicted max heart rate) APMHR = 220 – age APMHR = 220 – 30 = 190 beats/min (heart rate reserve) HRR = APMHR – RHR HRR = 190 – 70 = 120 beats/min THR = (HRR x exercise intensity) + RHR (120 x .85) + 70=172 beats per minute (number you want when you're working!)    
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