16 minutes | Oct 7, 2020

08-Everything You Need To Know about High Intensity Training

High Intensity Training and High Intensity Interval Training-do you know what the difference is? In this Episode, Kelsey breaks down the pro's and con's of high intensity training, training to failure, how often to train muscle groups per week, and also clarifies the common misconception between high intensity training and high intensity interval training. If you've ever wondered about sets, reps, and how often you should train the various large muscle groups for optimal results, this is the episode to listen to! References: Schoenfeld, B. J., Grgic, J., Ogborn, D., & Krieger, J. W. (2017). Strength and hypertrophy adaptations between low-vs. high-load resistance training: a systematic review and meta-analysis. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 31(12), 3508-3523.
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