14 minutes | Mar 23, 2021

3-19-2021 SmallCapVoice Interview with (OTC: ECOX)

Julia Otey-Raudes and Demitri J. Hopkins of Eco Innovation Group, Inc., are Featured in a New Audio Interview with SmallCapVoice.com Interview focusses on the innovative supercritical extraction technology that ECOX recently entered an LOI with Glytech, LLC to develop and manufacture. AUSTIN, Texas (March. 21st, 2021) -- SmallCapVoice.com, Inc. (“SCV”) today announced the availability of a new interview with the leadership of Eco Innovation Group, Inc. (OTC: ECOX) (the “Company”), an innovative company aggregating investments in new technologies that promote environmental and social well-being, and the advancement of green energy solutions. The interview outlines the development of ECOX’s portfolio of technology assets, the evolution of the Company to date, and the goals for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. Speaking with SCV’s Stuart Smith, Otey-Raudes provides a recap of the 2020 milestones and the company moves and news so far in 2021. From there the interview focusses on the work of Demitri J. Hopkins. Hopkins was named to the Company’s Advisory Board in 2021 and is described as a prolific inventor with extraordinary aptitude for math, physics and chemistry. When asked why the supercritical extraction technology is such a game changer for the cannabis, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and other markets, Hopkins tells Smith, “This technology allows for larger yields in a more affordable process. It makes extraction more efficient and more consistent. This will allow customers to get the same product every time which is not currently the case with the current extraction methods like supercritical C02 being used” Hopkins added, “With a more fluid solution that is created by supercritical extraction, you can automate the process much more. That translates into lower overhead costs, better overall yields, not leaving behind any of the product, and a lower price passed along to the consumer.”
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