49 minutes | Sep 8, 2020

94 | Ways to “Do the Work”: Sharing and Taking Action

Learning about social justice and understanding the systems of oppression that affect us is extremely important. And it’s just as important to take action on what you’ve learned or in light of what you’ve learned to bring about changing the systems to create something new. This episode covers how to figure out where to share what you’re learning and how to take action on what you’re learning. This is part five of five in a social-justice focused series.    Important Note: This series is not a substitute for any informal or formal social justice education. See the Mentioned in the Show section of episode 90 to see the people I’ve worked with and learned most of my social justice knowledge from.   Small Steps in the Show:  Define your spheres of influence Define your skill sets If you work for a company, consider checking in with your HR department/manager about company policies, procedures, stance, education related to social justice If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur/small business owner, see how you can incorporate social justice into your work Start working on your listening and asking skills Extend yourself kindness and compassion as you do this   Mentioned in the Show: Small Steps #32 with Dr. Tee Williams Small Steps #33 “Doing the Work” Part 2 Small Steps #90 Ways to “Do the Work”: Setting Up Small Steps #91 Ways to “Do the Work.”: Gathering Information Small Steps #92: Ways to “Do the Work”: Media and Money Audits Small Steps #93: Ways to “Do the Work”: Your Own Care Dr. Tee Williams Spheres of Influence Visual Example Employee Resource Group (ERG)s, article 1 and article 2 Andrea Ranae Motivational Interviewing Active Listening   Get the full show notes here! Follow Aimee on Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest Sign up for the Wellness Wednesdays Newsletter Interested in working with Aimee? Find out information here.
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