42 minutes | Aug 18, 2020

91 | Ways to “Do the Work”: Gathering Information

Dominant culture has rewritten history or made what actually happened harder to find. And as we continue our work in social justice, we’ve got to seek out this information, concepts, ideologies and more. This episode covers how to find that information, apply critical thinking as you read and search, and more. This is part two of five in a social-justice focused series.    Important Note: This series is not a substitute for any informal or formal social justice education. See the Mentioned in the Show section to see the people I’ve worked with and learned most of my social justice knowledge from.   Small Steps in the Show:  Consider researching listicles first to find information/resources If overwhelmed, focus your search based on last episode Do your research and due diligence Save information in a place/form that works for you If you’re doing this with other folks, see if you can all gather and share things, or share what you’ve all already learned/read as resources to help each other Find a time to read and process this information Extend yourself kindness and compassion as you do this   Mentioned in the Show: Small Steps #32 with Dr. Tee Williams Small Steps #33 “Doing the Work” Part 2 Small Steps #90 Ways to “Do the Work”: Setting Up Small Steps #75: Deciding What to Believe around Health Studies, Media + Reports Dr. Tee Williams Get the full show notes here! Follow Aimee on Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest Sign up for the Wellness Wednesdays Newsletter Interested in working with Aimee? Find out information here. Edited by Eilise Bonebright
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