57 minutes | May 12, 2020

86 | Turning Journaling into a Practice with Jess Song

Journaling is a popular suggestion as a small step on this podcast and beyond as a way to get in touch with yourself. But if you’re new to journaling or have a block around it, figuring out where to start can feel confusing or overwhelming. In this episode, I talk with Jess Song about how journaling can help and how to make journaling a more approachable practice.   About Jess Song Jess Song is Korean-American born in, raised by Brooklyn, NY. Jess is the founder of Back to Self and is committed to bridging cultural gaps in emotional health. She’s spent 15 years working with underserved immigrant/diaspora/2nd-generation populations, and learned there is an unexplored gap in the way we process, communicate, and navigate our emotions--especially the difficult ones.    With Back to Self’s journaling workshops, Jess aims to reset this cultural and generational gap by bringing counseling, healthy communication, and healthy relationship frameworks into a daily, accessible practice.  Small Steps in the Show:  Learn to sit before journaling Check in with yourself first Consider a visualization of being in a room to sit with yourself Be more okay with being uncomfortable Create a routine or ritual around it Consider committing to a set number of pages everyday Have a definite thing that starts and ends the journaling time Observe more and narrate less Identify your fuzzy words Observe yourself with compassion and know you don’t have to solve the problem Stay present with the facts Consider journaling in a different format (audio or video)   Mentioned in the Show: Buy my Enamel Pin The Artist’s Way The Cosmos Jess’s Website Follow Jess on Instagram  Get the full show notes here! Follow Aimee on Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest Sign up for the Wellness Wednesdays Newsletter Interested in working with Aimee? Find out information here. Edited by Eilise Bonebright
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