61 minutes | Apr 28, 2020

84 | How to Embrace that Your Body + All Bodies are Good with Amanda Martinez Beck

A major part of moving away from diet culture can be embracing the bodies we currently have, regardless of our body’s size or how “acceptable” diet culture deems it. And in that journey, looking at and realizing our internalized fatphobia can come up and be a lot. In this episode I talk with fat activist Amanda Martinez Beck on fat activism, fatness, the systemic things that affect fatness and how we can embrace the fact that our bodies (and all bodies) are good.   About Amanda Martinez Beck Amanda Martinez Beck is a fat activist, author, speaker and coach. She co-hosts the Fat & Faithful podcast along with fat activist J. Nicole Morgan and is the co-founder of the Ruah Storyteller Podcast. She is also the author of Lovely: How I Learned to Embrace the Body God Gave Me. When Amanda isn't watching Frozen II with her husband and 4 kiddos, she's sharing her work on Instagram and in her Facebook group, All Bodies Are Good Bodies. Small Steps in the Show:  Imagine what you would say to the younger version of yourself going through a hard time and have compassion for yourself. Eat what sounds good to you, regardless of how “healthy” diet culture deems it. Get support from a professional if you feel like you can't eat or it’s unsafe. Read the Fat Girl Bill of Rights and use them as comforting things Diversify your feeds and media to show larger bodies and bodies that are a different size. Look at the levels of Fat Allyship and listen to the Fat and Faithful podcast (links below) to see where and how you can support folks in larger bodies.   Mentioned in the Show: Buy my Enamel Pin Small Steps #17 What is Diet Culture? Amanda’s IG Post on Fat as an Accessibility Issue Amanda’s IG Post on Internalized Fatphobia NEDA directory for eating disorder support Free & Low Cost Support from NEDA Amanda’s IG Post on Fat Allyship Fat and Faithful Podcast episode on Fat Allyship Amanda’s Website Work with Amanda Fat and Faithful Podcast Buy Amanda’s Book, Lovely: How I Learned to Embrace the Body God Gave Me The Good Body Etsy Store Join Amanda’s Newsletter (to get the Fat Girl Bill of Rights) Follow Amanda on Instagram | Facebook Get the full show notes here! Follow Aimee on Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest Sign up for the Wellness Wednesdays Newsletter Interested in working with Aimee? Find out information here. Edited by Eilise Bonebright
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