27 minutes | May 3, 2021

CwL Ep51: Change, Triggers, Joy and Guilt

Never miss an episode! Subscribe and listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.How does the quote ‘nothing changes if nothing changes’ make you feel?It used to trigger Lisa BIG TIME!In this episode she explores the idea that while all of us experience tough seasons in life - the key to navigating them with more ease might be far simpler than we think.And it doesn’t require waiting for anything around us to change!She shares the painful story of choosing to fly to Bali just days after news of her former husband’s death. And what this taught her about grief and joy.And any conversation about a woman changing and evolving and honouring her own needs (sadly) brings up the feeling this induces in so many women - guilt. Lisa outlines the universal comments she hears from women in her programs, and currently in the Feel Good Now Challenge, on guilt.She brings it all back to the original quote that triggered her. She believes at her core is that ‘nothing changes if you don’t change’. You hold the power to effect enormous change in your life BUT our collective conditioning, as women, to honour everyone else’s needs above our own and never commit to our own happiness in the way we do other people’s means that…. nothing changes.For true change to occur - we don’t need to wait for things to be OK around us, It’s always a YOU job! There’s no way around it! And this episode explores exactly why, at the same time asking you to ponder powerful questions.Links:The doors to Ready for Change open on Friday! Do not miss your chance to be part of this transformational experience that lifts the lid on why you’ve been stuck repeating patterns and gives you practical tools to shift yourself at a much deeper level.Continue your conversation with Lisa:Instagram | FacebookKnow someone who would love this episode? Share it with them herePrefer to read? You can do so here
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