24 minutes | Apr 26, 2021

CwL Ep50: Do You Have "Human Giver Syndrome"?

Never miss an episode! Subscribe and listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.Recently a friend of Lisa’s shared with her a concept she’d read in a book called “Burnout”. It contextualised so much of what she sees as the struggle so many women in her community have.It’s called “Human Giver Syndrome” and it’s rife amongst women and mothers.It’s also largely invisible to us because we’ve been conditioned to believe it’s ‘the norm’.This episode explores exactly what Human Giver Syndrome is and why women feel so much resistance to giving to themselves.Lisa delves into the very real consequences of this and how you can start to shift out of it. With ease. She also invited you in to the Feel Good NOW Challenge which is kicking off very soon and if this episode resonates with you in any way you’re going to LOVE the Challenge.Links:Join the Feel Good Now Challenge - a brand new free experience with Lisa FULL of practical ideas and brain-based know-how on how to shift to feeling good without waiting for anything to change first.Continue your conversation with Lisa:Instagram | FacebookKnow someone who would love this episode? Share it with them herePrefer to read? Click here for the transcript.
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