28 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

CwL Ep48: How to Take Action on Big Life Decisions (when you're scared!)

Never miss an episode! Subscribe and listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.So many women keep themselves paralysed with indecision when it comes to big life decisions. And it makes total sense why! Our human brains hate change - the bigger the more resistance you will feel.And listen, it’s tough when you don’t want to blow up your life but you DO want to pursue your own happiness. And what if one equals the other?A conundrum, right?Well, what if it wasn’t… What if there was a really simple way to get into momentum on the big things? What if the way you’ve been looking at the issue is part of the problem?How simple might it be to create the changes you desire - without the life blow-up effect!?That’s what Lisa explores in today’s episode where she breaks down exactly how you can take steps towards your own happiness even if you’re frightened and unsure of the consequences.Links:Join the Feel Good Now Challenge - a brand new free experience with Lisa FULL of practical ideas and brain-based know-how on how to shift to feeling good without waiting for anything to change first.Continue your conversation with Lisa:Instagram | FacebookKnow someone who would love this episode? Share it with them here (um, and a hefty handful of stars would be greatly appreciated!)Prefer to read? You can access the transcript here.
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