25 minutes | Apr 6, 2021

CwL Ep47: What Are You Waiting For?

Never miss an episode! Subscribe and listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.Your clothes should reflect how good you feel in life…Hey, this episode isn’t about hiring a stylist as the answer to your wardrobe woes (though I do cover what happened that time I decided to get help from the lovely Nicole Vine). This is about asking you - where are you waiting for things to change? And what happens when you are done waiting and entertaining your BS stories!So what is this episode REALLY about:Being unsatisfied with an area of your life and doing something about itHow anything feels possible when you get to the point where you shift and create new storiesIt can be simpler to move into action than you might think, if you avoid the head chatter that gets in the way!Links:Ready for Change is coming! Register your interest in the transformational program to receive access to exclusive waitlist-only bonuses!Continue your conversation with Lisa:Instagram | FacebookKnow someone who is waiting for this episode? Share it with them here (leave a hefty handful of stars if you enjoyed it!)Prefer to read? Transcript is available here.
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