20 minutes | Mar 15, 2021

CwL Ep44: Lessons From Feeling Unsupported

Never miss an episode! Subscribe and listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.What do you need to ask for... and let go of…So many women often fall into the space of feeling a general lack of support. But this story is not one that you need to have. Support is all around you - IF you open up to it. It begins with you really getting clear on what that means to you.So what is this episode REALLY about:Why supporting yourself and opening yourself up to receive support goes hand in handThe importance of asking yourself ‘What do I need today to feel okay? (plus a few other bigger questions to sink into!)What can happen when you look at things through a different lensLetting go of the story that you’re ‘self-sufficient’ and independent - hint: you do need people around you!Links:Do you need support because of the many balls that you're trying to juggle? Watch this video!Continue your conversation with Lisa:Instagram | FacebookKnow someone who would love this episode? Share it with them here (um, and a hefty handful of stars would be greatly appreciated!)Prefer to read? Click here for the transcript.
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