27 minutes | Feb 11, 2021

CwL Ep39: Lessons From Taking A Break

Trust enough to take your foot off the peddle for a bit…As you know from my previous episode, I experienced all the feels last year. I was without energy, disconnected from my purpose, from myself. But I kept trying to “Keep going.” It became obvious that trying to force things just wasn’t working. I knew I needed a break.So here I am. Sharing with you what I learned having been on this intentional, scary yet hugely liberating break where I decided to really just check out. And so many good things came from it.So what’s this conversation REALLY about:What to do when you lose that sparkExperiencing a whole new level of spaciousness; of being presentWhy allowing nothingness is such a gift that only YOU can gift yourselfTo embrace the liberating art of letting go especially if you’re running your own show (warning - it is uncomfortable!).Links:Previous episode 38: Lessons From A Dark YearThe Conversations With Lisa playlistRunning and growing your own business? Click here if you’d like to keep informed of opportunities I have to work with me in 2021.Continue your conversation with Lisa:Instagram | FacebookPrefer to read? Click here for the transcript
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