0 minutes | Sep 23, 2020

CwL Ep37: My 5 No BS Ways to Feel Better Fast

In this episode we've put together the best bits of a recent series I did on Facebook to Reset. I share 5 tools that will help you draw a line in the sand on the stress and overwhelm of the past few months, start reclaiming your headspace, and (dare I say it)... even start feeling good again.
They’re all super simple and achievable. Most importantly of all, they WORK. They’re the exact tools that got me through last year, when I went through a marriage separation, becoming a solo-parent, and then the shocking death of my husband, all in the space of eight months.
Put simple, they’re what saved my butt when I thought I was DONE.
And they’re what have been getting me through the rollercoaster of 2020 (and the 7 million days of lockdown, but who’s counting?!)
This audio is a shortened version. For instant access to the full video's and all the resources I gathered, head here.
LINKS:The full Reset ResourcesReady for Change WaitlistContinue the Conversation with Lisa on Instagram |Facebook
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