30 minutes | Mar 3, 2021

How COVID has affected small firms

How did 2020 small firm net revenue compare to 2019? How are small firms adjusting their real estate footprint post-COVID? Are small firms planning to decrease or increase hiring in 2021? Hear the answers to these questions and others as Carl Peterson, CPA, CGMA, the AICPA's Vice President of Small Firms, provides the results to the January 2021 AICPA pulse survey.  PCPS resources mentioned in this episode: Office Reopening Resources Client Disengagement Letter Succession Planning Resource Center Small Firm Update Webcasts Small Firm Solutions Newsletter To learn more about PCPS, check out the membership information or sign up for a free web tour. To learn more about Carl, read his bio or contact him directly by email at carl.peterson@aicpa-cima.com or at 651.341.6377. 
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